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  1. MuddyMTB
    MuddyMTB C8N
    Hey - I notice you have a Giant Trance.. I been looking into the Trance bike.. How do you like it?
  2. VelocityboyII
    I am still here!
  3. Ana
  4. Ana
    Hi, I've added pictures to the post. Can't figure it out how to add them here.
  5. avc8130
    avc8130 Ana
    Do you have a pic of the rack? Maybe a link to the exact model?
  6. Candace
    Live , Love , Ride ..
  7. rojasj
    rojasj sundaydoug
    Hi Sundaydoug,

    I was looking for the parking area near Wolfe Drive on Google Maps. Is it near where Wolfe Drive turns into McAtee Ln or near Stephens Lake Road?

  8. Randal
    Randal soundz
    Thanks for any help you can give.
  9. Randal
    Randal David Taylor
  10. Randal
    Randal gtluke
  11. Randal
    Randal fidodie
  12. Randal
    Randal soundz
    1. soundz
      It looks like you posted correctly so everyone can see it. I don't live in the area, but will forward it on to a cop I know in the area.
      Sep 12, 2017
  13. Randal
    Randal jimvreeland
    1. jimvreeland
      No!! I would contact the shops in that area and give them a heads up just in case someone brings it in. Sucks, they usually don't usually get them back.
      Sep 12, 2017
  14. Randal
    Randal Norm
  15. Kool
    riding always on the mind....
  16. CABuilder
    I'm outside. Carpe Velo.
  17. BurlyTires@WideHandlebars
    There is no such thing as can't !!!!!
  18. Jmc
    Jmc 1speed
    It's Joe C. I think we maybe staying in the same Hampton inn in VA. I'm at the one on covenant drive. Txt me if your interested in grabbing dinner Saturday evening. 732 410 1145

  19. Jim Richardson
    Jim Richardson
    Newbie to the group. I met a nice group of members at Cranks around the Campfire, and decided to check in. Hi.
  20. MFinMerckx
    Ben Sundgren is my DJ