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    What are you cooking right now?

    i tried and got fed up with the lack of response, i honestly dont think she has tried yet, and im out of patience with them. I told her to take it back to the store and talk to them in person, but that definitely hasnt happened yet. If i can find the picture ill send it to you, but i think its...
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    What are you cooking right now?

    my pans are not enameled, but the le creuset is, and iv been less than impressed so far. @fidodie my wife has the oblong one like that with a crack in the enamel
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    Group Ride 11/18 Wildcat

    overnight low is only 31, seems unlikely it will freeze
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    fun Fridays ride 2018

    i have a gps track courtesy of @sarcaro for a mooch triple, if anyones interested for next Friday (as an option pending @rick81721 assesment of sourlands)
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    Group Ride 11/18 Wildcat

    you realize all those dates are weekdays right? and that the MTBNJ group rides are on weekends? just sayin
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    OOS - Take me to your park and Max! When is the ride?

    chimney rock will be under water for several days at this point, stay away.
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    What to ride?

    should have both for minimal riding interruptions . . .
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    FS 2016 Trek Farley 7 – [17.5 - Medium] - $850

    thats perfect, buy it for her, when she inevitably doesnt like it you can use it.
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    OOS - Take me to your park and Max! When is the ride?

    i havent gotten to try my 29+ stache in the snow yet, but ill lyk when i do, if its good enough i may sell my fatboy just so i have less stuff to maintain . . .
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    What to ride?

    pavement? (sadly)
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    OOS - Take me to your park and Max! When is the ride?

    if your budget is tight get the 27.5+ to start with and go from there, it works fine in most of the snow we get around here, and is still fun to ride all year round.
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    What beer are you drinking RIGHT NOW?

    that one girl in the bg, think shes pissed at you . . .
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    Sirius XM chatter

    @fidodie, my current 6 month subscrtiption deal is up in Dec, should ic all now or wait until its fully expired to try and get the same deal again?
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    Odd happenings on the road

    not twice tho. thats what makes it special!
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    GT350R Carbon Fiber Wheel Info

    yea not brands halo car, halo trim for a given car, atm i believe the 350 is the most expensive trim, would 'premium' trim and powertrain option have been a phrasing more to your liking?