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    The Original BIYF 18/19

    i cant tell if its time for new pads, you took them out before taking the picture . . . . that was silly :D:shrug:
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    The Original BIYF 18/19

    you been replaced, he finally got wise and upgraded! :rolleyes::eek:
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    Fun Fridays 2019

    ooo i think its on! whos gonna come out on top??!!!!
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    Fun Fridays 2019

    @JimN did that, he said youd let us know :D @graveyardman67 could check in for us too
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    Affordable Hardtail Frame Only with....

    @fidodie, do you have something you want to tell us?
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    6 Mile Run Conditions

    yea ricks good at annoying people into doing what he wants . . .
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    Car-spotting thread

    yes im sure they are. everyone wants to give it a go.
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    The Original BIYF 18/19

    but you still found it!
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    Fun Fridays 2019

    have a beer, that always helps anyone have a backup plan? @sarcaro will give us a go/nogo on thurs night, i really cant think of anyplace that drains better so it may be another washout week :(
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    Wild Cat Wednesday's!

    idk if this means anything anymore, hes been doing that every time they forecast something besides clear skys and sunshine lately (knee jerk overreaction to his road crews f-up not paying attention to the weather in Nov???)
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    The Original BIYF 18/19

    2/20 two parts part1: 49min decided to do some exploring and experiment with the stache in the snow (yea what little was sticking in most places), still had fun, will have to pull out the stranglehold to lengthen the chainstays, this makes 2 strikes...
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    Fun Fridays 2019

    hopefully not . . .
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    Fun Fridays 2019

    will do especially with this weather we are currently experiencing. . .
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    New strava feature coming

    yes it does, need to travel somewhere with bike to try it out, whos up for a roadtrip?
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    Fun Fridays 2019 courtesy of @JimN if you happen to know the trails and want to lead im game for that too.