Anyone into Hot Sauce?

Karate Monkey

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Hank Sauce is pretty excellent. Not bad flavor, just the right amount of spice to add to, like, everything. It's a bit expensive. I've had Camouflage and Herb-Infused. As soon as I remember to stop by the stand on 35 in Normandy again, I'm going to try a bottle of the 'Heat'.

Franks as a generic go-to...Tabasco only if nothing else is available and I NEED it. Cholula is available in industrial size, thumbs up.
From left to right

Sabor Latino which is a place in Dover really good food and my wife's favorite hot sauce

Stubb's wicked wing sauce, best wing sauce I've ever had ShopRite stopped selling it I've got 8 bottles in my pantry

Scorpion Tabasco, I hated Tabasco then I had the habanero version which is my go to. But my boss brought one of these in last month and now I'm on my third bottle.

Cholula Habanero, taste like candy and a real disappointment why can't Cholula make an extra hot.

Frank's andCholula, I keep it for guest

Frank's wing sauce.... I just poured this down the drain lol

Melinda's xxxhot ain't fucking hot at all

Valentina my first hot sauce as a kid and have always kept it on hand

I also make my own stuff but none on hand right now.



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My favorite hot sauce is the kind found in some Halal carts. It’s sort of pasty. I’ve asked the guys working the cart but they only know it as chili sauce. Never got a source.


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I don't like crazy hot, but I keep plain old Tabasco and Franks on hand. I like them both. Franks for a little heat with a little extra flavor and Tabasco more for just a little heat. Neither one is over the top hot. I like that Tabasco has very few ingredients...pretty straight forward stuff.

I have a few different brands of Sriracha on hand as well, but my favorite is Harris Teeter's house brand (HT Trader Sriracha Sauce). Harris Teeter is a supermarket down south. It's not as hot as some other more traditional Sriracha, and has kind of a sweet flavor. A Tostito dipped in classic hummus, with pea size dollop of this sriracha on it = Delicious!

Years ago I got hooked on Lizano Sauce after having it on a surf trip to Costa-Rica. Not a hot sauce, more like the Costa Rican version of Ketchup I was always on the table every where we ate down there. That stuff was delicious. I used to put it on everything, but once I realized how much sodium was in it, I stopped buying it.