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Considering a two day bike trip with my wife next month for our anniversary and looking for camping recommendations at Raystown. Plan would be to drive out there, setup camp, do an evening ride around the trails im familiar with, dinner/sleep, wake up and do some more riding/exploring on trails I haven’t ventured, then head home.

Looks like there are plenty of tent sites to choose. From those experienced, any preferred over the others? We'd be going towards the end of Sept so hopefully somewhat "off-seasonish". We don't actually own a tent, so would like a 'tent site' that we can park at and sleep in the truck (not sure if they're all like that, or if there's a parking lot and you have to walk to the sites?).



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Thanks @Mitch ! Will do.

Sorry for keeping your little buddy home. Changed it up a bit this week, but we'll get you guys together for a play date soon. :)


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Woodlands campground is where we stay. That being said we don't tent camp but rent their double cabin. 2 couples can comfortably sleep there and its a bike ride away from the trails. Flush plumbing and a kitchenette.

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Hey Matt,,, No JT last nite, bummed................

Camp at Seven points
Try for Ridge or Meadow sites. I have a tent I can lend you guys no problem.. Ring me up for more info..
We stayed at Seven points too.
Awesome site. The connector trail was ~30' down the hill from our tents. :)
I don't remember the site #'s we were at but @Rusty might.
Ditto on camping at 7 Points if you're tent camping. Right near the trails and if you want to mix it up, you can always go hang at the marina and rent paddle boards or kayaks.
Great information, may head out there this Friday to Sunday. Will look into booking tent site at 7 Points Campground as I have a camp set-up in the truck. Do the campsites have electric hookup for 12volt outlet plugins?


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Great information, may head out there this Friday to Sunday. Will look into booking tent site at 7 Points Campground as I have a camp set-up in the truck. Do the campsites have electric hookup for 12volt outlet plugins?
Yes full electric at 95 percent of sites. Enjoy.


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where do you guys stock up or get food near Seven Points Campground?

I can't find anything except a Weis in downtown Huntingdon, 11 miles away.
There's a giant grocery store in Huntington right before you leave town towards the campground. And a walmart. But yeah, Huntington is the main town and last decent spot to stock up.

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Seven Points Bait and Grocery is similar to a 7-11 for "oh crap, I forgot ___" items, located on Seven Points road maybe a mile from the park entrance.

I second the double-cabin at Woodland Camping Resort, if you can reserve them. There's an entrance link to the Stony Trail across the Baker's Hollow Rd from the campsite driveway, to the right a few feet.

Edit: got my lefts and rights mixed up. If standing at the end of the driveway, cross the road and go right and you'll see a trail that drops into the woods and ends at Stony Trail. Left on the trail takes you to the Northern set of trails. Right will take you to Seven Points Road and the South set of trails.
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How close can you park to the camp sites? Contemplating a trip where I drive out the night before and just sleep in the truck.

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From my experience, all of the camping is essentially car-camping. Many of the Seven Points sites have electrical service for RV's. When I was there for Dirtfest a few years ago, the majority of the sites had RV's in them - and much to their unhappiness, were not DirtFest participants and were less than happy about late night shenanigans...

I'm not sure what the Susquehannock Campground is like, which is roughly where the DirtFest operations were located.

It's probably worth noting that the Allegrippis Trail System is really only a small portion of the actual lake area and there are a number of camp grounds scattered all around the lake, so be sure to take note of where it is in relation to where you want to camp assuming the plan is to ride from your camp site. Seven Points and Susquehannock are the closest to the trail system. It's probably also worth mentioning you can rent house boats as well, although I don't know if I'd want to stay in one when the temps start to drop.