Dickerson Mine Preserve Conditions


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how does the Mine handle rain like we're having today? Considering a ride tomorrow afternoon, first timer
It should be fine. If anything the rocks might be a little slick...but if the sun pops out for a couple hours it'll probably dry right up. Make sure you hit Blue and Yellow for some rocky fun. Lotta first timers miss those and say White is boring.
We park in a small stone filled lot right on the white trail on Frank Street in Mine hill. You will come off RT46 to 1st street to get there. Head straight up white to the top and hit up either blue or yellow both loop back around to White.


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where's the best place to park? only have about 2 hrs and want to hit the good stuff
If anyone's got a strava, post it up
There are lots of places to park.

Black River Park:

Randolph Beach:

Mine Hill Beach:

Frank Street Lot:

Make sure you hit Yellow: https://www.trailforks.com/trails/king-mine-trail-yellow/

and Blue: https://www.trailforks.com/trails/canfield-mine-trail-blue/


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If you're in a hurry I think the gravel lot on Frank St is the most direct to the trails. Climb the fire road up from the lot and you'll run into the White singletrack at the top. Follow that for a bit and you'll run into Blue and Yellow. Those trail heads are sort of opposite one another (I want to say you'll see blue first and yellow is up maybe another hundred feet) and both loop back to white.... makes for a fun little figure 8 loop and will dump you back on White for the outer loop of the park. Depending on pace and stops you can probably tackle all of that around 1.5 hours.