Mahlon Dickerson Reservation Conditions

As a 53yo guy with a penchant for overeating, it's real easy for me to get out of shape. In the last year, I've been trying to step up my exercise regime. "Rolling" Trail Maintenances @MD have actually become part of a "Crossfit" routine!

I do 2 scheduled rides per week with the crew. But when rain or other activities messes with those rides, I seek alternative rides. If nobody joins me, I'll saddle up in TM configuration and go in solo.. My avatar picture is pretty much it: Fatbike with Frame bag. Frame bag contains saw, small loppers, work gloves. Hand shears get strapped to my handlebars. I simply ride from tree to tree and cut back whatever impinges on the trail. I call 'em "Faceslappers". Sometimes I move some rocks around.

By the time I dismount, remount, and get that heavy bike rolling again, it's a bit like doing a few jumping jacks and a 3 minute blast on an exercise bike. Doesn't seem like much, but do it 50 times (along with an 7-10 mile ride itself), and I come out of the woods feeling like I burned quite a few calories. Especially if I was lifting and moving boulders.

It's efficient use of my time, since it kills two birds with one stone. Exercise and TM! It's really quite enjoyable.


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Man, MD needs some serious TLC. Lots of Faceslappers everywhere...
Everybody should carry some hand pruners at this time of year. If we all did a little, a lot would get done. I've got mine in my frame bag all the time right now. Of course, that's not doing Mahlon much good since I haven't ridden there in a couple months. Which reminds me...I need to get back to Mahlon.
A hand saw lives in my Hydro pack. I can't tell you how much that gets used.

But aside from that, when I'm in full Mt biking mode, I don't normally stop for TMs, I'm more into riding! I'm much more effective at Trail Maintenance when I focus on it. Then I outfit my fatbike with my TM setup: Hand trimmers near my handlebar stem. Small Loppers dangerously tucked into the chest strap on my hydropack (yeah, I know, I know...looking for a safer arrangement). And my saw and work gloves handy in my frame bag. I just ride from trouble spot to trouble spot. Sometimes, having the bike along is an asset, other times it's a liability depending on how bad the area is that needs attention.

I wished more Mt bikers would step up to the plate and put a little TM time in.. This is growing season, so at this time of the year, it's overwhelming to keep up with the miles and miles of trails around this area. Whether you do a rolling TM like I'm doing, solo hike a trail with pruners, participate in organized TM's, saw out an annoying tree fall, or build a logover.. It's all good. Every little bit helps.
We've been riding MD pretty steadily for the last few weeks. Conditions remain pretty good, even though like 65% of the leaves are down. Bike of Choice is my fatbike, to tolerate the tall rocks hidden by leaves (and to get a more intense workout in the short amount of light left after work). Myself and a couple of other riders continue to do some simple Trail Maintenances where possible. I did a couple of small tree removals on Wednesday night. We also constructed logovers on a cutover trail just behind the ballfield, and another over on the Columbo return (WMA) just above the big tree with the handlebar notches. But I'm not too proud of that one...could use another half hour of work.


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considering this or Allamuchy today, never been to Mahlon
but read @Norm's write up and think I may get lost
getting in around 3ish for late daylight, but forgot my bright lights, when's it get too dark for Mahon nowadays?
Parked at Picnic area pkg lot. Cutover trail behind ballfield OK except slick ice at bottom. Rode Cascade CCW, Good on downhill except near bottom. Icy patches here and there. Some rideable, some deadly. Climbing out the other side was very icy. Ice was hard to read. Lot of dirt visible where the sun gets thru. Rode White Trail for about another mile and turned back - too icy. I give north side of park a 2.0 just because of the ice. Did not get to try the southside.
Rode south side of park today from Saffin Pond lot, down Ghost. Ghost itself was pretty good, a little ice but nothing real sketchy. From the bridge past 4-way it was a lot icier. Took a right at next intersection and continued on Yellow back to lot. Quite a few icy sections but pretty rideable. Overall, give this side of park a 2.8/ 5.0
A BIG thank you to the person or persons who cleaned out several large trees on Colombo Return. conditions were not bad this morning. slippery and wet but not that muddy.