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Well i stayed up, and was rewarded with being pulled back from the cliff a number of times.

didn't cabrera lead the national league in hitting for awhile, and he was asked to bunt? i guess popping to the pitched was better than hitting into a double play,
or triple play if the pitcher dropped the ball....

btw, the pirates look worse than the mets.


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Hope he doesn’t loose his birthday card with the check from grandpa Fred.
You know, my brother found something amazing today. It would seem that Bobby's deal is not the most ridiculous deal out there. Did you know that the Braves are actually still paying Bruce Sutter (!!!!) $1.12M a year??? Bruce Sutter was a all-star in 1977 and last played professional baseball in 1988. But the Braves will be paying him that amount through 2021, with an additional $9.1M balloon payment in 2021. Bruce will be 68 when he gets that last payment. He was originally drafted by the Washington Senators in 1970, He;ll be paid a total of $10M+ 51 years after he was drafted ...


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Soooooo ... last night was ... interesting. When the game finally ended, my brother texted me right away to say "They just ran out of time for their comeback."

I think my favorite stat of the game was that when they put Reyes on the mound in the 8th, he was throwing curve balls in the mid-40's. The mid-40s!!!!! I haven't actually played baseball in maybe 30 years, but I'm pretty sure even I could tee off on a 40 mph curve ball. And why on earth would he even try to throw a curve ball? Did he think a 35 year old has-been pitching for the first time in his career was going to fool professional hitters with anything he threw, much less a curve ball that was so slow you could probably count the stitches while waiting to hit it out of the park? Not that any of that matters ... at this point, they may as well just put him the regular rotation.

I keep coming back to one thought this year: at least they're not the Orioles. Has anyone been watching what's happening with the Orioles right now? They may not set a record for the most losses in a season, but considering the Red Sox are on pace for a 120 win season, the O's just might set the record for most games out of first. We're just past the all-star break and they're already 42 games out of first! How incredible is that? Well, here's come perspective: if they were play every day this month and go August-0, regardless of what the Red Sox did, they'd still be double digits out of first.

In that light a three touchdown loss ... well, it still looks epically shitty. Never mind.


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..... way to raise the bar on low’s boys.

So.... his options were 70 mph fastball or 40 mph curveball. A couple batters didn’t reach base with the curveball..(not many doe).

It’s probably the most value we’ve gotten out of him this season.....



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this CY predictor is such a load of crap
This award should be for pitching alone, why factor in wins, losses and post season appearances
I'd accept Jacob being second best but 7th?