Unauthorized Trail Building at High Point S.P.


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Many people do not understand what time and planning go into creating the trail system we have in NJ. Many believe they can just go out and make their own. Please do not do this. Unplanned / Unapproved trails within our park systems will only make it harder for groups like JORBA (Jersey Off Road Bicycle Association), New Jersey Trails Association (www.njtrails.org), New York-New Jersey Trail Conference (www.nynjtc.org) and many more. Please read this post on JORBA.org about a recent issue in High Point State Park.



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Just in case you dont feel like clicking the link. Here is Jeff's note.

JORBA received an email from the Superintendent of High Point State Park (she is the former supt of Ringwood State Park in fact, and is very supportive of mountain biking) letting me know that the rangers have found and are closing some unauthorized trails in High Point. Due the style of trails that were built (windy and technical, with rock armored ramps and dimensional lumber transitions and/or ladders) its pretty certain that these were mountain biker-built trails. Hikers simply don't walk these sort of trails.

Some things to understand here:

First, the superintendent at HPSP supports mountain biking and mountain biker-built trails (as she has proven during her tenure at Ringwood, she approved Skylands, Warm Puppy and new Ringwood/Ramapo). So, I can personally say that you can't find very many people better to work with than the current superintendent at HPSP (the current superintendent of Ringwood is also fantastic to work with as well).

Second, she supports the concept of new trails at High Point, however they must go under a review process and they must be built under IMBA and JORBA sustainable trail specifications (this is what we use at all of our parks). You'll need some patience and professionalism to get it done, and you'll probably want to involve someone from JORBA but she informs me that the possibility is there.

Third, because superintendents talk, the unauthorized activity at HPSP will effect how JORBA does business at other parks in the region (such as Wawayanda, Ringwood, Allamuchy). Even though she knows that this was not done under JORBA sanction with JORBA volunteers, JORBA may not get such fast approvals on trail reviews in the future. Its a reputation thing... we're all mountain bikers so what we do effects all of us, positively or negatively. We all sink or swim together.

Finally, if you are involved or know of anyone involved in the trailbuilding activity, please understand that Park Police are now going to actively patrol these trails and you may find yourself fined if you are caught. Please let them know about this blog post and the seriousness of the situation.

Note: JORBA is not an enforcement organization (that is the realm of the State Park Police); we're an advocacy organization, but we cannot recommend building trails without permission. This is in fact our first rule. That said, if there are people that are in the High Point or Stokes area that are interested in building legitimate and legal trails, they should contact JORBA. We're not interested in turning anyone in, nor would we. But we are interested in serious people that are serious about maintaining and building good legal trails. You can contact me at mergler at jorba.org.

Thanks for your understanding and time.

Jeff Mergler
Executive Director, JORBA


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Seems terrribly unfair to target/contact Jorba in these cases. It's like calling Chevy because some kid in a Camaro was doing donuts at the mall.:mad:

Sorry, just pricked a nerve.
Seems terrribly unfair to target/contact Jorba in these cases. It's like calling Chevy because some kid in a Camaro was doing donuts at the mall.:mad:

Sorry, just pricked a nerve.
I agree, it's kind of a double edged sword. On the one hand we get contacted by the land managers in hopes that we can communicate to the user community that this activity should cease, and hope they don't have to pursue it legally. The other hand is that we are looked at as an enforcement entity, which we are not. We just wanna build trails, keep the peace, and ride.

Any way you slice it, it's a bad situation.


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Park speaks to JORBA, JORBA says "hey guys can ya stop pretty please?", trail ends up getting blazed then sometime within a year or so trail ends up in a race loop and is fully legitimized. Anyone who wants to be the raddest gnar dude sees this as the fastest way to get the trails they want. Until yall start doin some policing and enforcment its just gonna get worse. There is so much trail already i cant understand why people need to do this:rolleyes:
Tt's the nina, the pinta, and the santa maria syndrome. go where no one else has gone.
or why a male wolf pees all over territory to claim it for its own.

Jorba needs to get hold of a used CIA drone and conduct policing fly overs.....