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Wife and i are starting to scratch the surface of netflix and amazon originals. We just finished the 2 season of 13 reasons why and GD it has some disturbing stuff. Like who is the intended audience for that? You sure as shit wouldn't want your HS age kids to watch that unless you wanted to use it for some serious scare tactics. There are two scenes that were graphic enough that I think they were unnecessary. In any case, first season was definitely worth a watch. Shit ain't no 90210 or Gossip Girl, that's for sure.


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Patriot on Prime was awesome. Season 2 is starting next month.

I also started watching Ozark. Binged season 1 when I had a stomach bug. I'm a few episodes into season 2


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On the list, keep hearing it's good!
I heard a couple of people say they couldn't get thru the first episode. If that happens to you, just stick with it. I was hooked right away but I love horror movies and things that mess with your head. There's some family drama stuff but I think it adds to the tension. It's one of those shows where I'll go back now and rewatch it and look for all the little clues that I missed the first time round.


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Burned through some Netflix-
The End of the F&($ing World and Forever

Tried Maniac, made it 3 episodes, may go back to it, but for now it’s back burnered.
Currently on The Bodyguard.


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We just binged the first season of Big Mouth on Netflix. It's a cartoon about a couple of kids going through puberty and features lots of foul language, awkwardness, and masturbation. It's really well done and is often completely hilarious.

We also binged the first two seasons and then got caught up on the third season of The Good Place. It's a show about the afterlife starring Kristin Bell and Ted Danson. Basically, Kristin Bell is a total scumbag that accidentally gets into Heaven, and then she has to try and hide the fact that she's terrible in order to stay there and not get sent to Hell. Funny stuff.