WTB: Thule Side-arm Plastic End Caps


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Anyone have 2 of these? Doesn't seem worth paying shipping on $6 worth of plastic. Thanks

I'll buy a beer or good for some awkward socializing while on a bike ride. :) Can give some pointers too if needed.


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Have you called them to tell them they broke or fell off?
I'm a Yakima guy, but have never paid for replacement parts with them in over 25 years.
Just a call ends with a warranty ship.


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Email Thule worth a shot.

I got a great deal on a used T2 XT Pro on this forum and realized it was missing one of the rubber rim guards from the tie down strap. I emailed Thule to ask if they sold it separate from the whole rear wheel holder assembly since I didn't need to pay 17.50 for a whole one just for the rubber piece.

Next question from Thule was a request for my shipping address and 5 days later it showed up free shipping no questions asked.

Now that's customer service!